Management Services

With low home values and a competitive rental market that is on an upward trend, the right management company is perhaps the most important link to your investment vision. Garner Properties & Management LLC is a FULL SERVICE property management company.  We will service your investment from start to finish, including marketing, property showings, tenant screening and qualification, lease signing, property maintenance, rent collection, city inspections, tenant housing subsidy, and legal issues such as eviction and garnishments.

Garner Properties & Management LLC lives by the philosophy of building on three pillars of business, Innovative Business Practices, Integrated Services and Dedicated Staff to provide you a complete management solution. For a complete list of management services, open the "THREE PILLARS OF BUSINESS" tab below. 

Do you have a large portfolio, multi-family properties, or investment groups?  All homes cannot be serviced with the cookie cutter approach. We have special programs for investors with portfolios of 50+ properties. Click here for information.

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