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Brownstone Property Management: What It Offers Investors

Chris Garner - Wednesday, April 18, 2018

There have been many skeptics regarding Brownstone property management and whether it's beneficial or not. The answer is different for each investor, as every investor has a unique situation. In order to determine if professional property management in Brownstone is right for you, you have to take a look at what it has to offer you. Also, keep in mind that different Brownstone property management firms offer different services, so look at each company and their services individually.

One of the best Brownstone property management firms in the area is Garner Properties and Management. We understand all that is involved in managing houses for rent in Brownstone and know how to make the load easier for investors so they can enjoy their business more fully. Below are a few examples of the services our property managers in Brownstone.

  • Advertising - Our Brownstone property managers will handle the marketing and advertising of your Brownstone rentals for you. We advertise through various print methods, as well as, online outlets to ensure your vacant Brownstone homes for rent get the most exposure possible.

  • Maintenance Coordination - When tenants have maintenance issues occur, they want results fast. Upon your work order approval, we will take care of coordinating the maintenance repairs for you.

  • Financial Reporting - By accessing the "owner's portal" online, you will be able to instantly view various financial reports relating to your investment properties. This service alone is one that will save you a lot of valuable time.

  • Rent Collection and Disbursement - We allow tenants to quickly and easily pay rent online through their "tenant portal." Once this is done, you can easily make e-deposits to your bank account.

Above are just some of the many services Garner Properties and Management property managers Brownstone provide to investors. There are many more ways in which we can help you with your property management Brownstone needs. Contact us today to learn more!